What is the Procedure for Holding Annual General Meeting of companies Registered in Pakistan

Company registration in Pakistan and procedure for holding Annual General Meeting of the company:

As per the requirements of the companies ordinance, 1984 in Pakistan every company is required to hold annual general meeting.

The first such meeting is to be held within eighteen months from the date of registration/incorporation of the company and after that aforesaid meeting is held at least once in every calendar year within a period of 4 months from the end of the financial year and not more than 15 months from holding the last annual general meeting.

In Pakistan companies have normally year end of June so therefore annual general meeting are normally held by the end of the month of the September.

However if for some reason company is not been able to held the meeting in the above mentioned time then in case of listed company the Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan and for other companies registrar of companies have the power to extend the time for holding such annual general meeting.

Further for the companies listed on the stock exchange the annual general meeting is held in the town where the registered office of the company is situated.

The last and most important requirement with respect to holding annual general meeting is that the notice of annual general meeting should be given to members of the company at least 21 days before the meeting.

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