What are Statutory Returns for Companies Registered in Pakistan


What is statutory Return is a question that is one of the basic questions we received on our website. In the below article I will try to explain about what is statutory Return so that as company owners you have better understanding.

A statutory return is any kind of for or document that is required to be filed with registrar of companies or Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan under various provisions of the companies ordinance, 1984

Statutory Return is normally like a form that contains basic information about the company depending upon the type of return. However once the return is filed with the registrar of companies it is a public document and anyone can view take and have knowledge about the company.

These Days Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan have provided the people with the option to file the returns both online and offline.

Just for further information purposes I would like to mention here that the period of filing returns is as under:

  1. First types of returns are filed immediately upon the registration of the company.
  2. The second types of returns are filed annually, half yearly and quarterly depending upon the type of company that is registered.
  3. The third types of returns are filed on the occurrence of some specific event such as appointment of new director or change of registered address of the company.

I hope that the above article has provided the sufficient information about what is statutory return with reference to company registration.

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