Trade Mark Registration in Pakistan and Intellectual property organisation

Trade Mark Registration in Pakistan and Intellectual property organisation:

Trade Mark registry (TMR) is one of the prime body of Intellectual property organisation of Pakistan. Trade mark registry in Pakistan is regulated under Trade Marks Ordinance, 2001. Trade mark registry is basically a government body and it is assigned with the role of trade and services across the country. It has the working of similar to a civil court and in case of any objection the appeals are filed with the high court’s of provinces. Trade mark registry is supervised by a Registrar and the office of Registrar is in Karachi city.

Function of Trade Mark Registry

After the application of Trade Marks Ordinance, 2001 understanding about the importance of trade marks for businesses has increased tremendously. Trade Mark is also assigned with the role to create awareness among old and new entrepreneurs about the importance of trademark for businesses and the security and protection that adds to businesses with its registration. Trade Mark Registry has also created a separate helpline to address any queries in this regard.

Data Digitization Section of Trade Mark Registry of Pakistan (Index Section)

As soon as the application for registration of any trademark is received by the Trade Mark Registry office the role of this section of the Trade Mark Registry office begins. The basic role of this section of Trade Mark registry is to convert the application received into a digitalize form and issuance of acknowledgement against the receiving.

Examination Section of Trade Mark Registry of Pakistan (Eight)

The basic role of examination section Trade Mark Registry section is to examine the application received under the different categories of goods and services created and examine whether the application is submitted is in accordance with the prescribed criteria. If the application is found correct then it is accepted by the Registrar and is forwarded to the Journal section. If there are any objections in the application they are immediately conveyed to the application for correction and resubmission.

Journal Section of Trade Mark Registry

Journal section is responsible for publication of trademark journal.

Opposition Section of Trade Mark Registry

Opposition section of trademark registry office addresses any objections filed against the trademarks.

Registration Section of Trade Mark Registry

The section of Trade Mark Registry is responsible for issuance of trade mark registration certificate.

Post Registration Section of Trade Mark Registry

Post registration section deals with the any matters that arise after the publication of trade mark.

Renewal Section

Trade Mark once registered is valid for 10 years and afterwards renewed through this section.

Record Section

Maintenance of records of all trademarks is assigned to this section.

Legal Section

Legal section handles legal matters that arise in courts in case of dispites in trademarks.

Administration/ HR / Accounts Section

Deals with Admin, HR and Accounts matter

IT Section

IT section deals with IT infrastructure of Trade Mark Registry office.