How to register company in Pakistan?

How to register company in Pakistan?

One of the most common questions in the mind of young entrepreneurs is how to register company in Pakistan, what are the issues we have to face, what are the associated costs and how much time it will take to register company in Pakistan.

I know the sources of information lack in Pakistan especially regarding the Government registration processes etc. In these articles I would like to give you some basic information about how to register company in Pakistan?

The best option for registration of company in Pakistan is to register your business as Private Limited Company. First I would like to explain what is the meaning of Private Limited Company? A Private Limited Company or in other parts of the world known as Limited Liability Company is the type of company in whereby the liability of the directors of the company is limited up to the capital of the company.

I will use an illustration to make this concept clear Let us suppose there is a company with the name of XYZ Private Limited and there are two directors Mr. A and Mr. B. The company is registered with capital of 100,000 Pakistani Rupees and company in current date has assets of 200,000 PKR. All of a sudden some legal case happens on the company and Honorable Court orders that the company should pay a fine PKR 1000,000 and then it is to be wind up. In this company the court will only recover the amount of capital of the company and all assets that are PKR 300,000 and no personal assets or Bank Accounts of the directors will be used to recover the remaining amounts of PKR 700,000.

This is the concept of Limited Liability Company. It is for me the best and most suitable form of business registration for long term businesses.

Regarding the process, time and cost of company registration please visit the section of company registration in Pakistan on our website it has all the details and information relating to the company registration.

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