Company Registration Process in Pakistan


How to register a company in Pakistan?

The most common question in the mind of any young entrepreneur is how to register a company in Pakistan?

The complete process and details about how to register a company in Pakistan is mentioned at several places on the website but a summary of the process of how to register a company in Pakistan is mentioned below for the understanding purposes:

Name Availability Application:

The first step towards company registration is the application to the registrar of the companies for confirmation that the propose name of the company is available for registration and is in accordance with the provisions of the companies ordinance, 1984.

It is therefore recommended that if you are not familiar about how to register a company in Pakistan to discuss the name with your consultant so that wastage of time and money is reduced and chances of name rejection by the registrar are also minimized.

Name availability application for company registration is done both online and offline.

Application for Digital Signatures through NIFT:

The next step is submission of form one for each director with NIFT for issuance of digital signatures so that directors can sign the documents electronically during company registration process.

Again discussion with the consultant is also required as installation and using of digital signature is not very easy for the person or familiar with the process.

Submission of Documents for company registration:

The last step in company registration is submission of documents with the registrar online for company registration. Following documents are required during the process:

  1. CNIC scanned copies of both the directors.
  2. Name Availability letter issued by the registrar.
  3. Memorandum of Association of the company
  4. Articles of Association of the company
  5. Digital Signatures

Once these documents are submitted with the registrar the company registration confirmation email is received in approximately 4 to 5 working days.

So if you are interested in knowing more about how to register a company in Pakistan or about consultancy services agreement please visit our contact us page.

Business Registration in Pakistan

ITNA Consultants Offers all kinds of Business Registration in Pakistan.

Businesses in Pakistan are registered in 3 different categories as is the process in most parts of the world. These three types of business registration are as under:

  1. Business registration as Sole Proprietor
  2. Business registration as company
  3. Business Registration as Partnership firm

The details of all three types of business registration are present on our website. However if you have any other query feel free to write us at




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