Name Availability Guide for Companies Registered in Pakistan

Company Registration in Pakistan and Name Availability Guide:

The most questions that we received on website with regard to company registration in Pakistan is what are the words that cannot be used in the name of the company or prohibited words as per companies ordinance that can be used in the name of the company.


Association is the word that can only be used for companies that are registered as Non Profit Companies or in simple words NGO’s or for Trade Organizations.

In other words Association word cannot be used for normal profit making Private Limited Companies.


The above two words are also usable but only for Non Profit companies, NGO’s or Trade Organizations only and not for profit making private limited companies.


This word society is also allowed by law to include in the name of the company but only if proper reason which is considered just by the registrar of the companies.


The word holding is also allowed as part of the name of the company if the company proposes to be registered as holding company under the definition of company’s ordinance, 1984.


To be included in the name of the company this word has to be properly justified that the new company will be registered as part of the group of entities.

The above words description is prepared based on the queries we have received from our clients so far however there are many other words that are allowed to be included in the name of the company if proper justification is provided.

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