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About Us

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ITNA Consultants today’s one of the leading name in Accounting, Corporate and Income Tax Consultancy was establised with the aim of not only filling the huge vaccume of a cost effective and professional consultancy firm in Pakistan but to establish a knowledge center and guiding hand where people could find everyday solutions to their solutions.

Established less then a year ago the firm has travelled far distances in gaining confidence of our clients and the fact that an organisation establised less then year ago now has representatives across Pakistan as well as establishment of offices in Afghanistan clrearly shows that we have been sincere to our work which is reflected in the growth of our organisation.

Our hardwork has paid off and we have a grwoth of more then 200% per annum which is quite satisfying for the ITNA Family. Our experts are continuosly working hard to boraden the range of services and we are quite confident that our customise accounting software as well as Construction Companies Managment Software system will be released very shortly as we enter into the fina phase of development.

We therefore believe that as client you should provide oppotunity to our youg and dynamic team to introduce to you the new level of services and consultancy in the field of Accounting, Income Tax and Corporate Matters.