ITNA Financial being the only accounting software for small business developed by the expert accountants with experience in programming skills stands ahead from any other accounting software’s on number of factors:

Only Accounting Software for small business developed by accountants:

All other existing accounting software in the industry is mostly developed by the programmers under the instructions from expert accountants. However one of the biggest drawbacks in those small business accounting software’s is the communication barrier that exist between accountants and programmers and thus the result is evident in the software then why they use the software they feel the number of factors were ignored and left un touch.

ITNA Consultants been the only reputable accounting software developers in the market took the pain to overcome this communication barrier. Our expert accountants took the burden and themselves learnt the programming languages understood the dynamics of programming, limitation of languages and then got involved in the development of a software ideal for small business that has the capability to be fully customizable and covered all the possible areas that as an accountant you feel the software to address.

Customization Capabilities:

Most of the biggest accounting software developers have primary focus towards biggest business and industries and therefore they try to develop generalise accounting software for small business that can be used by any industry. We believe that such software’s are probably be adverse for any small business as they mostly lack expert accountants and therefore such software’s can result in almost disasters for small businesses.

ITNA Consultants being the company with prime focus on small businesses have developed the software keeping in mind that each small business has different needs and therefore in order to address the issues we have to customise the software as per the requirements of the client. Therefore with ITNA Financials we guarantee you the customization of accounting software till solutions of your problems.

Cost Effectiveness:

ITNA Financials is quite cost effective as compare to any other software in the market. We can guarantee you that our prices will be much lower than any other existent accounting software developers in the market.

For further details about ITNA Financials demo, presentation, quote or any other related query feel free to contact us at contact@itnaconsultants.com.

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