How much time is required for Company Registration in Pakistan


Most of the people are interested in knowing what is the exact time of company registration in Pakistan?

Well to be very honest it depends on the person who is trying to register the company. If you are a promoter and you are trying to register the company yourself of course there are quite chances that you make mistakes during the registration process and ending up wasting lot of time.

To be very honest one thing that I have learnt and also observed smart businessman doing effectively that  they are more focused towards doing their business and they are interested in earning more rather than saving.

Your focus should be your business and earnings and not how to save money. Handling with corporate matters and doing company registration is a specialize job and is to be handed over to the expert people. Second thing the consultancy rates in Pakistan are very low as compare to most parts of the world and are quite affordable.

So now let’s come back to the time of company registration. If you are an expert making an application to the registrar of companies for confirming the availability of name you know that what are they key mistakes that should not be made and how to exactly check the availability of a name from Securities and Exchange Commission Pakistan website. If you are good with it you will get a confirmation within 3 days.

Next step is submission of application to the NIFT for Digital Signatures. Do not make a mistake in this because it can significantly delay the process of company registration. In normal circumstances you will get the signatures in 2 3 days maximum.

Last stage submits documents of company registration upload them to Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan website and submit the challan to the designated branches of the banks. That’s it you will get the registration certificate after 3 to 5 days.

Summarizing we commit to our clients the time of around 10 to 15 working days for company registration.

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