Frequently Asked Question for companies registered in Pakistan with directors present outside Pakistan

FAQ: Company registration in Pakistan with directors present outside Pakistan.

Q: Dear Sir, I am residing outside Pakistan and want to register a company in Pakistan, please guide me is it possible to register a company in Pakistan with directors present outside Pakistan, also provide me the details about time and cost of company registration?

Complete Answer is included for the reader’s reference:

Dear Zaheer Ahmad

First of all thanks for showing interest in our services.

As far as the company registration is concerned it is quite easy to register a company without visiting Pakistan. Company registration is basically a three step process and I need your signatures just at the second stage of company registration the detail process is mentioned as under:

Name Availability Application:

The first step in company registration is name availability application. The application is made to the registrar of companies. In order to make the application of name availability I just need a suitable name from your side. The process normally takes a time of around 3 to 4 working days.

I do not need signatures from you at this stage and name availability will be completed without signatures I just need your particulars to make application like Full Name, CNIC number and address in Pakistan of company.

Digital Signatures:

Once confirmation of name availability is received next step is to obtain digital signatures from NIFT for company registration. I will email you the forms of NIFT all you have to do is to take print of the form signed the form and send it to me via courier. For Private Limited company minimum 2 directors are required. Each director has to sign one form and then send me via courier.

The process of digital signatures normally takes a time of around 3 to 4 working days.

Submission of Documents for company registration:

After getting digital signatures the last step is preparation of documents that includes Memorandum of association, articles of association, form 1,21 and 29 of Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan and scanned copies of CNICs of directors.

If registrar finds above documents in order the certificate of registration is issued within a period of normally 4 to 5 working days.

Company Registration overall takes a time of 10 to 15 working days. Signatures are required only at one stage and in order to quicken the process I will email you forms and you can send me via courier after signatures.

Cost of Company Registration:

The cost of complete company registration process with 2 directors and 100,000 capital is Rs. 40,000. This amount includes all government fees and other charges.

We will provide following services in this amount:

1.            Company Registration

2.            Bank Account opening in the name of company

3.            NTN Certificate of Both the directors and company.

That means all your processes will be cover in this amount and you can start your business with all formalities complete.

I hope all your questions have been answered in detail. However if you require any further information in this regard you can contact me.

Assuring you the best of our professional services and corporate services at all times.

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