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Partnership Firm Registration


ITNA Consultants Offers Partnership Firm Registration for as low as Rs. 15,000.

Before Partnership Firm Registration we recommend that below mentioned details should be studied in order to have complete understanding about the registration of business as Partnership Firm Registration.

Partnership is the form of business whereby the signatories to the Partnership deed or in other words Partners share profits and losses of the business (After Partnership Firm Registration) in proportion to the share they own in partnership deed.

Most of the people prefer to register their business as Partnership Firm Registration because in countries like Pakistan the applicable tax rates and legal requirements are low for business registered as Partnership (After Partnership Firm Registration). However the other aspect of the after partnership firm registration the partners liability towards the business is unlimited as compare to Private Limited Companies whereby the liability of directors is limited up to the amount of share capital.

The Partnership firm registration is not limited to individuals rather sometimes companies also undergo Partnership Firm Registration in order to carry on some common business such as construction of building in joint venture or some other project. Therefore Partnership Firm registration is a method not only suitable to persons but also for corporate bodies.

For most of the people the partnership firm registration is the first step towards the business because normally to conduct business you need few other people and in order to formalize the structure the partnership firm registration is the easy and cost effective option.

Partnership firm registration is done with the registrar of firms of the area where the owner are interested in starting their business.

We believe having undergone through above mentioned details as a businessman you must have decided whether Partnership firm registration is the option for you or not. If you are interested in partnership firm registration or any further details feel free to contact us or visit our contact us page for phone number and further details.

If you are interested in Partnership Firm registration we can offer following services.


Registration of Name for Partnership Firm registration.

Registration of Partnership deed with the registrar of firms.

Accounting and Bookkeeping services for Partnership firm registration.

Website to promote the business.

Income tax and Sales tax number and advisory services.

Legal Advisory Services.

Internal Audit

Trade Mark and Logo Registration for any business.

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