Court for companies registered in Pakistan

Court for companies registered in Pakistan

Another important question with reference to the companies registered in Pakistan is in case of any legal dispute which court will have the authority to address the matter. This article will address the aforesaid issue for companies registered in Pakistan.

As per the provisions of companies ordinance 1984 the court considered to have jurisdiction in case of matters related to companies’ ordinance 1984 shall be high court having jurisdiction in the place where registered office of the company is situated.

Another point to consider here is that Government of Pakistan only Federal Government has the power that they can even authorize any civil court to exercise the jurisdiction of High Court with reference to any matter or matters for companies registered in Pakistan.

Last point to consider is in case of companies that have filed the application for winding up. As per the provisions of companies ordinance 1984 which is applicable companies law in Pakistan states that the registered office for the purposes of this section is place that have been registered office for the longest period for the six months immediately before filing an application for the winding up of companies registered in Pakistan.

Furthermore in all high courts of Pakistan Chief Justice of the high courts are ordered to create a special bench known as companies bench that will address all the matters relating to companies registered in Pakistan.

Courts are advised with respect to matters relating to companies ordinance, 1984 to dispose of the matter as early as possible. The deadline specified in this matter is 90 days it means in other words that petitions filed with high court with respect to companies ordinance 1984 should be disposed within a period of 90 days. Courts are advised in these matters to hear the cases on daily basis of companies ordinance matters however there are exceptions for extra ordinary circumstances. And in such circumstances the cases shall not be adjourned for more than 14 days at one time and more than 30 days during whole period.

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