Corporate Consultancy Services in Pakistan


ITNA Consultants reputable name in Corporate Consultancy Services in Pakistan is one of the oldest name in company registration in Pakistan. In the last 5 years ITNA Consultants Pakistan has helped more then 200 new businesses in company registration and Income tax matters. We offer all types of business registration that includes Private Limited Company Registration in Pakistan, Partnership Registration in Pakistan, Sole Proprietor Registration in Pakistan, NGO Registration in Pakistan and other Non Profit organizations registration in Pakistan.

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Income Tax Services

Taxation practice is the forte of our Firm. We have over 4 years of experience in taxation

advisory services. During these years our experts have constantly been appreciated by the business Industry on the basis of our comprehensive and well versed advice relating to any Tax issue faced by our clients. Our experts continuously engage themselves in expansion of knowledge base relating to current Income tax issues faced by the business sector of Pakistan.

We therefore believe that we have developed ourselves in these preceding years as pool real taxation experts that have the knowledge and practical experience to handle every situation that is faced by our most valuable clients.

Corporate Services

Our corporate wing is as professional as is the requirement of current dynamic industry of the country. We have incorporated several companies that are now playing the significant role in the economy of the country. In addition we help our clients in all compliance matters relating to Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan, so that they can focus of their business and possibility of any unnecessary litigation is avoided. We have established a really strong grip on Companies Ordinance, 1984 (The applicable corporate law of the Pakistan) and other corporate laws of Pakistan. Our strong knowledge is further highlighted by our practical experience in dealing with the practical situations relating to the aforesaid laws.

Therefore we believe that we are now in a position to assure our clients with quality and efficient corporate consultancy services.

Accounting and Audit Consultancy Services

We have the backing of more then 3 Chartered Accountants that have tons of experience in the field of Audit and Accounting Consultancy services. Further in order to establish us a real champions of the industry we have enhanced our liaison with other chartered accountants firm of the Industry so that we continuously keep out selves up to date with the changing trends in accounting and audit industry.

We have proven our experience and skills by serving the best in industry. We have always been rated at the top firms of the industry by leading institutes of the country. Our trained professionals are the Industry leaders in the field of Audit and Assurance.

Accounting Software Development Services

ITNA Consultants is the only consultancy organization with development of complete accounting software in Microsoft Excel suitable and cost effective for small businesses.

In addition ITNA Financials is the efficient accounting software that has gained the trust of hundereds of businesses in the past few years and has the ability to be modified to almost all industry types.