Companies Registered in Pakistan with Foreign Shareholder and Directors


The question that is received the most from International clients or people who are interested in investment in Pakistan is whether it is possible to register a company in Pakistan with foreign directors if yes then what is the procedure?

The answer to this question in simple words is yes you can register a company in Pakistan with foreign or non-resident directors but there are certain things that should always be kept in mind.

First when you register a company with foreign director there is a security clearance of each foreign director from Ministry of Interior. The process is same as for normal company but when we submit documents for company registration with Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan certain additional documents are submitted along with normal documents for company registration. These are related to the foreign shareholder and director of the company. The Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan then forward these documents to the Interior Ministry of Pakistan. The Interior Ministry of Pakistan as per their own procedures perform security check.

The company meanwhile is allowed to be register but subject to affidavit from the foreign director that if the Security clearance is not provided to the foreign director then such director will immediately resign and transfer his shares to another person.

Registration of company with foreign directors is little tricky as with our years of experience there are certain things that if done rightly could save your time and problems. Therefore if you need any professional advice or wanted to hire services for registration of company with foreign directors we have the required skills and experience.

For initial advice and quotation you can send us email at contact@itnaconsultants.com or visit our contact us page for further details and information.

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