Buying Accounting software for small business

Buying Accounting software for small business

One of the most important factors for success of any small business is to understand the accounting needs of the business and selection of right accounting software from the market.

For selection of right accounting software there are number of factors that needs consideration like what sort of analysis of accounting data is required for decision making, process and recording of transactions to produce required data and last and most important thing who is going to use the accounting software and level of expertise and skills. Therefore if you are planning to purchase a new accounting software in the market or asking the developer for customise accounting solution the costs related to train everyone in the organisation must be kept in mind. Furthermore if you are very small business like sole trader and do not have any employee you can even go for some online accounting software with single user license. But where most of the small businesses feel trouble is that the accounting software that is cheap are not fully in accordance with the needs of small businesses and are generalise so not only difficult to understand but does not provide hundred percent satisfaction.

After understanding of the situation completely we ITNA Consultants decided to provide the market and small businesses with such accounting software solutions that is customised according to each business need and at the same time fully affordable. Therefore two accounting software’s were designed one complete accounting software in Microsoft Excel and other ITNA Financials that we made customise completely before providing to any business.

Our idea is well appreciated by the market and within a period of one year hundreds of businesses around the globe started using our accounting software. Another proud factor for our team is that till the date we are the only company in the world that has complete accounting software in Microsoft Excel fully operational in hundreds of businesses with no bugs.

So if you are planning to start a small business and take our advise for ideal accounting solution please feel free to write us at contact@itnaconsultants.com