Business Registration Services in Pakistan

Business Registration in Pakistan

Business Registration in Pakistan

ITNA Consultants Offers all kinds of Business Registration in Pakistan.Business Registration in Pakistan

In Pakistan medium to small size businesses usually are registered under three forms. Advantages of each form of business registration have different advantages and disadvantages associated with it.

First type of business registration is sole proprietor. Sole proprietor is the simplest form of business registration as it only requires the owner to get National Tax Number from Federal Board of Revenue. Time duration is also very short normally it takes around 2 to 4 days to get the registration.

Second form of business registration that is commonly undertaken by many small businesses are firm registration. Minimum two partners are required to register firm. Each district has its own registrar that confirms the registration of firm and issue certificate of firm registration. Once the registration of firm is confirmed business has to obtain National Tax Number of the firm from Federal Board of Revenue.

Third form of business registration is Private Limited Company Registration. The process of company registration requires preparation of detailed documents like memorandum of association and articles of association. Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan is body authorized by Government of Pakistan to register all types of companies in Pakistan. Time duration of company registration in Pakistan is around 10 to 15 working days. Companies are both single member and more then one member depending upon the requirement. After registration with Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan companies are also required to obtained National Tax Number from Federal Board of Revenue.

ITNA Consultants offers registration in Pakistan in all 3 different forms mentioned below

Business registration as Sole Proprietor

Business registration as company

Business Registration as Partnership firm

The details of all three types of business registration are mentioned above. However if you have any other query feel free to write us at 

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