Business Registration Consultants in Pakistan

Business Registration Consultants in Pakistan
Business Registration in Pakistan

Business Registration Consultants in Pakistan

ITNA Consultants one of the reputable business registration consultants in Pakistan offers all types of Business Registration Services in Pakistan.Business Registration Consultants in Pakistan

Three most commonly types of business registration are:

Sole Proprietor Registration

Firm Registration

Private Limited Company Registration

All these three types of business registration are legal and any legal business can be undertaken by registration in one of the above mentioned forms. ITNA Consultants as your business partner helps you in selecting most appropriate form of business registration suitable.

Advantages and Disadvantages of each form of business registration are different.  However one of the basic advantage of Private Limited Company Registration over other forms of business registration is that the liability of Directors is limited only to the amount of capital subscribed by the directors.

It is not easy for a lay man to understand the advantages and disadvantages of these three different forms of business registration. This is the place where the investor or promoter of each business requires a reliable business consultant. Our experts that includes professional chartered accountants, lawyers and experienced business individuals can help you in selection of right business structure for you.

ITNA Consultants are known Business Registration Consultants in Pakistan with over five years of history full of success story. If you need any assistance feel free to write us at or visit contact us page.