Bookkeeping Services

Online and Remote Bookkeeping Services

Bookkeeping Services

ITNA Consultants offering bookkeeping services is proudly the only consultancy firm in Pakistan that has successfully demonstrated its success in serving the clients not only in Pakistan but across the Globe.Bookkeeping Services

ITNA Consultants is proudly providing Bookkeeping services now in Pakistan, United Kingdom, United States of America and almost all parts of the Europe.

Our specialty is the development of special accounting software in excel that is the only complete accounting software in Microsoft Excel in the world and is successfully operated by hundreds of small businesses around the world.

In addition to the excel based accounting software ITNA FINANCIALS is another success of ITNA Consultants as it is today one of the most comprehensive and cost effective software around the world. It has the tendency to easily be modified according to the requirements of the industry and is in operation in almost all types of businesses today.

Our Range of services is as under:


  1. Business Registration (Sole Proprietor, Partnership Firm and Company)
  2. Bookkeeping Services
  3. Customize Accounting Software Development
  4. Customized Reports for Analysis
  5. Preparation of Accounts for Audit, Deposit with Regulatory Authorities of the country such as Federal Board of Revenue or Securities Exchange Commission of Pakistan.


  1. Bookkeeping Services (Day to Day Basis Reporting)
  2. Accounting Software both customized and other Installations
  3. Preparation of Accounts in accordance with International Accounting Standards or in accordance with US GAAP standards.
  4. Certification of Accounts by ACCA members.
  5. Other Accounting Matters Guidance

So if you are a business and looking for reliable and cost effective bookkeeping services whether online or offline we can offer you all of these services under a single roof and that too on a very affordable price and with modern professionals. For further details contact us for initial free advise. 

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