The Advantage of Accounting Software for Small Business

The Advantage of Accounting Software for Small Business

The Advantage of Accounting Software for Small Business

Before highlighting the importance of accounting software for any small business I would like to add here little introduction about my own and my experience of using accounting software.

I am a professional accountant running a medium size firm that provides accounting and corporate consultancy to newly and already established businesses. When I started the work as any other young entrepreneur I was just focused on my marketing and new business capturing techniques and had no thoughts about billing structure, effective usage of my capital and similar factors.

By luck or by some of my hard work my business started growth really fast even betters then the plan. I was having lot of clients and more and more new work and assignments to experience.  But after a while when I started managing my work efficiently I realised that I has no clue about the earnings I am making, how much profit I made in a particular month or what are my expenses that are increasing day by day. The whole picture as fade and I found myself plans less with respect to my future projections.

At that stage I realised the importance of using accounting software. Luckily I am an accountant by profession and programming languages was always my craze. I decided to design accounting software for my business. At the end I managed to design accounting software in Microsoft Excel which I believe is my major contribution towards the small businesses around the world. In fact ITNA Excel Accounting software is the only choice I believe for small size businesses as it is completely designed in Microsoft Excel and is the easiest accounting software I am sure around the globe.

Later on with ever increasing demand from clients we ITNA Consultants developed accounting software in visual basic dot net. This is the only accounting software programmed by accountants and we believe we understand accounting needs of small businesses and have therefore decided that we customise the accounting software as per the needs of small businesses before making any kind of sale.

Therefore if you are interested in reliable accounting software feel free to write me at contact@itnaconsultants.com or visit the home page for link and description of both accounting software’s.

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