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Although accounting software is not the first thing for any business and the basic objective of any business is profit making. In this modern world of competition the strength and success of any business lies on the quick and well informed decision making. And no decision can be completed without accurate and complete records specially relating to costs and revenue.

Keeping in mind the different needs of various Industries, ITNA Consultants as the leading accounting and corporate consultants developed accounting solutions ideal for small, medium and large size business.

ITNA Consultants currently have two types of accounting software’s that are currently been used by dozens of customers in and outside Pakistan.

ITNA Excel Based Accounting Software
ITNA Financials
ITNA Accounting software in Excel

ITNA Accounting software in excel stands ahead from any other accounting software in the world in many ways and in fact it is the only complete accounting software in Microsoft excel. It is as user friendly as possible. A detail description about the functionalities and use of ITNA Excel based accounting software is present in our website.

ITNA Financials

ITNA Financials is today the most preferable choice for small, medium and long term businesses around the world. It’s ease of use, quick response time and cost effectiveness has made the people to prefer ITNA Financials from some of the accounting software’s that are used by many businesses for years and years. Trust of businessman around the globe by preferring ITNA Financials over software’s like Peach Tree and Quick Books accounting software is really the proof of ITNA Financials success and the first milestone towards a successful journey.

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